Paper on comprehensive HIV programmes


This is a quick one, and no doubt for a very small audience. Anyone currently working on “strengthening community systems” within HIV, TB and Malaria programmes – particularly in the context of the current round of funding recently launched by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, may be interested. While the paper started off as an investigation of the problems in strengthening HIV prevention in the era of HIV treatment – a major issue faced by HIV programmes in recent years – it became clear that the problems in “linking” different areas of programming  are not only about different objectives but also about the problems in linking services that are provided in clinical facilities and those provided in communities.  And this is why I think some of this paper will be relevant to those working on community systems now.

Please feel free to circulate. Many thanks to the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) who commissioned the report, for agreeing to me posting it before editing and formal publication.  As noted in the attached file, ICASO should be credited in citations of the report.


One thought on “Paper on comprehensive HIV programmes

  1. Hi Boo RadleyI agree that to deliver services effectively, to the people that most need them, it is important to remove legal barriers. My aim in this short paper was to focus on the reasons why different types of HIV-related service aren’t effectively linked up and to point to ways of resolving this – so it focusses more on operational aspects and in many ways on the history of how HIV programmes have evolved. While the barriers that you are talking about, in a general sense, cause massive problems for proper HIV programming, I did not find that they were specifically linked to the fragmentation of different services. However I’d be glad to add this perspective as this paper will be getting updated. Do you have examples of how these barriers have provoked fragmentation between HIV prevention and treatment, between HIV programming and sexual and reproductive health programming, or between "clinic" and "community" based services?

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