Review of HIV and AIDS programming with female sex workers in sub Saharan Africa


Fairly often I am asked to do literature reviews of various areas of HIV and AIDS programming.  They are often conducted for a specific purpose – for instance, training of staff of HIV and AIDS agencies, presentation at conferences, or as background for planning exercises.  What this means is that once they have been used they don’t necessarily get taken any further, because it was never intended for them to be published – and indeed the time and investment is such that they often don’t get to publishable standard…

However, I always think it is a shame to lose them altogether – if only because they often contain very complete bibliographies.  I’ve started asking various clients to allow me to release elements of this work to share here, so that they don’t disappear altogether.

The attached report has been lopped out of a larger review I conducted in June 2009 of HIV programming with “at risk” or “key” populations in sub-saharan Africa.  I haven’t had time to do a proper edit or major update, but the references are good and although the conclusions are brutally reductionist I think they broadly summarise the sorts of things HIV programmes with sex workers should be addressing.  I’d like at some point to turn it into something more substantial that goes into the practicalities of setting up services, training practitioners and so on because I think this is more useful to implementers than the quick and dirty intervention descriptions that are provided in journal articles.

Feel free to read, pick at, use the references and so on.  Please get in touch if you would like to actually cite this document or want any further information – because although I have been authorised to share it I would need to check again with the client about any further usage.


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